With FRUIT we present the first issue of our new magazine-in-magazine on materials in which we discuss the impact of fruit and its components giving inspiration to diverse fields such as materials research, design and art.

The topic FRUIT refers to the exhibition JUICE that is presenting a fresh selection of galleries, editors and designers during the Salone del Mobile 2013. The current issue is presented in cooperation with Brownbook magazine.

With contributions by Vasco Mourao and Brazilian artist Marepe.

Table of Contents:

Multifunctional Design of Fruits
Fiber could change its color like the iridescent surface of the bastard hogberry when it is strechted. Furniture is made from bananas. How scientist, engineers and designers make use of the multifunctional design of fruits and plants.

Next Car won’t be a Lemon
Your next car won´t be a lemon. But it might be be made from pineapple leaves.

Solar Cell: Recipe
And so was the dye-sensitized solar cell invented by Professor Grätzel and his team. It basically consists of two glass-plates, fruit juice, graphite and iodide solution. Read the recipe and built your own in 10 minutes.

Hopefully Fruitfully — Thoughts on Materials
New material developments at and beyond the bounds of the visible promise to reclaim new parallel worlds in physics, chemistry, and biology for a macro world bumping up against its limits.

Marepe: The necessity of everyday objects
“I see the strange as the new, the diverse, the uncommon, and it fascinates me, like fashion.” The fruit collages of brazilian artist Marepe.

DYSCrete Beton Brut Blueberry
Beton brut blueberry talks about a new concrete called DYSCrete that is able to generate electricity out of solar energy with the help of berry juice. Similar to photosynthesis DYSCrete is using the generating means of electrochemical reactions of organic dyes absorbing sunlight.

Bertjan Pot
A material experiment stands at the beginning of each product created by Studio Bertjan Pot. The products show a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors.

Chiara Andreatti
Italian designer Chiara Andreatti invented a specific method of printing fruits and vegetables on ceramic surfaces.